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Thursday 19 March 2009

Random Content Delivery Networking thoughts (Pt.1)

Since I'm a marketing guy now, I might as well sink into metaphysical consideration when it comes to the field of expertise that I'm working on daily. Let's try this, I'll go over the different ways of Delivering Content over the Internet and then wander on each one and deliver some random thoughts on my current and past experience. The good thing here is that I've been working pretty much on every side of the story: ISPs, Carriers, Internet eXchanges and even massive Content Networks. I guess I learned a lot from every of those experiences, from end user Access Technologies constraints to ISPs' national backbones, through central/decentralized content platforms finally to CDN provider.

Sit back, get popcorn ready, treat yourself a beer, this might take a few articles :)

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Monday 15 September 2008

The CDN era

CDN is -teh- new trend in the internet industry. That is a fact. Here we go, Media meet Internet, Internet meet Media. What you never thought possible happened: the nerdy sysops met the broadcast men in black. Two worlds that everyone deeply thought would never collide. CDN ( Content Delivery Networking ) is todays latest toy for IT deciders and newly born startups, just as MPLS VPNs were a decade ago. When billion dollar CSI:Miami actor David Caruso founds a streaming media company, the uneducated masses start investigating on what CDN is...

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