Some former defenders of Net Neutrality (a once popular concept on the Internet, which they seem to have forgotten now that it is no more valid against the Incumbent) even turned us down and charged us for peering at the almost same price that transit providers did - for a smaller portion of the Internet of course - some called that being ass-raped, I'd rather call that a 'slightly annoying turn of events', call me a naive optimist if you will.

Thing is, you might also have noticed that those ISPs bragging about their brand-new-tier-1 status have very quickly forgotten how anti-symetric there traffic profile was before that peer-to-peer they keep on disclaiming.
Let us be honest for a moment: how can charging 30€ for 24Mbps be a smart business model ??? If one's got to cover it in Transit, this would mean that, in order to remain profitable, those ISPs should pay a maximum 1,5€/Mbps, just to cover for bandwidth. This of course doesn't include capacity upgrades to scale up to the new needs...
Let's get things straight: in my vision of the Internet, an ISP delivers plain access to undifferentiated access to any IP destination, via any port/protocol combination IP can encap, right ?

If not, that's what we call Online Service or web, or mail, or whatever comes packaged with a proprietary browser, tons of proxies and useless/expensive filtering devices. Ask the guys from America Online, even them have figured this out a while ago, as well as Infonie in France. I'm not actually saying being one is better than being the other, all I'm saying is stop pretending to be what you're not your customers aren't that stupid, they'll figure out one day or another.
Oh, and by the way, for those who just wonder why I'm in such a bad mood re this net neutrality thing today, it's just that I just happened to read those:

The thing that really bothered me when I read that, was that big UK eyeballs (i.e ISPs) where known to be tolerant re peering conditions in the past, and were known to take Net Neutrality seriously.
If you out there feel like I do, c'mon and read again grandpa Vint's sayings:
"The Internet was designed with no gatekeepers over new content or services. A lightweight but enforceable neutrality rule is needed to ensure that the Internet continues to thrive."
More here, in his famous speech - see, even Google didn't twist an old man's judgment the other way round, there is actually hope out there - and no offense Vint : Vint Cerf speaks out on net neutrality.

On an equivalent level again, you'll find a very interesting blog post on Torrent Freak again, here, with both sides detailing their views on why to block/throttle peer to peer or not.(re the Comcast-throttling-p2p affair)
So for those made in china pret-a-porter business executives out there that have been nominated to lead big networks thanks to their talent to read dollars where they should read bytes, please take a moment to re-think your vision of the Internet before you're violently proven wrong: this might be more a promise than a warning, but again, I'm all naive and optimistic.

That should be enough for a daily/monthly/yearly dose of whining and lyricism :)